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Termite prevention & treatments - Coffs Harbour


Termites cause millions of dollars of damage to buildings in Australia every year. Coffs Pest Control Services offer a range of services specifically for termites ranging from home inspections to preventative measures and of course eradication.

New Home Termite Protection


We offer a range of pre-construction termite barrier options across the Coffs Harbour area. These include

  1. Non-toxic physical barriers such as stainless steel mesh
  2. Fibrous blankets embedded with a control agent
  3. Termite reticulation systems
  4. Conventional chemical spraying

All of these systems come with a Certificate and a Durable Notice. The Certificate is provided to council (or your private certifier), as part of your Building Application compliance. The Durable Notice, which details the type of barrier installed and the date of the installation, is usually placed inside your Meter Box.

A Certificate is a different and separate document from a Warranty document. A Certificate just states that the type of system installed complies with the relevant Australian Standards and Building Code whereas a Warranty document details the terms and conditions under which termite damage is rectified.

Different termite barrier systems come with different maintenance and warranty conditions and these should be discussed prior to choosing a system as some systems may not offer a warranty whilst others may have excellent timber damage cover. Call us today for advice on which system would be best for your new build.

Established Home Protection


For established homes we offer several options including:-

Low toxicity termite baiting & interception systems

Option 1- Full service where we supply and install the termite interception and baiting systems and we monitor and bait active termite stations as required.

Option 2- We install the system and the customer monitors and baits the active stations themselves

Option 3- We provide all stations and termite bait as required and the customer installs and maintains the system

Chemical Solutions
Chemical eradication of nests
Drilling of suspect trees
Top up of existing reticulation systems
Trench and flood options
Core drilling and injection options

Contact Coffs Pest Services on 02- 6652 5693 or 0418 656 476 for our expert advice on the best solution for you and your home or business. We are the Coffs Coast area termite experts.

Termite Prevention


Prevention of termites really is better than the cure. We can help mitigate the risk of termite infestation through a series of measures. These can be as simple as regular inspections to installing termite monitoring, interception and baiting systems. Remember termites cause millions of dollars of damage to buildings in Australia every year.

Pre-purchase  Inspections


It looks like you have finally found the house of your dreams. So make sure it does not turn into a nightmare by getting Coffs Pest Control Services to do a pre- purchase termite inspection for you. For real peace of mind call us today.

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