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Pest Control Services Coffs Harbour

Typical pests encountered in the Coffs Harbour area

Coffs Pest Control Services have been successfully operating in the Coffs Harbour area for many years. So we have first hand knowledge about the detection, treatment and eradication of pest typically encountered on the Coffs Coast. Here are just some of the pest control services we can offer you. We offer termite & general pest control as well as property & pre-purchase inspections.

Rats & Mice


Rodents are responsible for the transmission of disease to humans and contamination of food in a variety of ways.

They often nest within 5m of food sources in well sheltered areas, typically at ground level. If you have an infestation contact us today to arrange an inspection & treatment.

Cockroaches & Spiders


Cockroaches are resilient creatures and can survive for months without food.

Spiders can be potentially dangerous particularly some of the venomous ones we have in the Coffs Coast area. Contact us for a preventative treatment or infestation eradication.

Black House Ants


An intensely black small biting ant that often has a blue-green iridescence. It grows to about 3mm and can live in large colonies.

They are nuisances, mostly accumulating in large numbers around unprotected foodstuffs. If you have an ant problem contact Coffs Pest Control Services.

Bees & Wasps


Bees and wasps are mostly active in the summer months. The European wasp is particularly aggressive.

Some people can have severe reactions to their bites so if you suspect you have a nest keep people and animals away from it and call us today.



Termites cause millions of dollars of damage to buildings in Australia every year.

Coffs Pest Control Services offer a range of services specifically for termites ranging from home inspections to preventative measures and of course eradication.

Other Pests


From silverfish eating your precious books and documents to mosquitoes ruining that family barbecue we can help.

Call Coffs Pest Control Services for a preventative inspection and treatment today on 02- 6652 5693 or 0418 656 476


The key to long-term cockroach management is the make the environment less conductive as a habitat, by reducing sources of food, water and shelter available to them. A pest management program is a joint effort between the home owner and the pest control technician.

What the home owner or tenant can do to control cockroaches

  • Thoroughly clean all surfaces in food handling and food preparation areas
  • Tightly seal all food containers, particularly those in pantries and cupboards
  • Keep areas dry by eliminating standing water, fixing leaking taps and increasing ventilation where possible
  • Emptying the Kitchen bin every evening so that no food scraps or containers are left in it overnight
  • Regularly vacuuming floors and skirting boards in food preparation and eating areas to remove crumbs and other food particles
  • Sealing cracks and joints around bench tops, wall tiles, skirting boards, etc
  • Moving the refrigerator to clean the floor and skirting boards in the fridge recess. Pay particular attention to the underside of the fridge as the sealed unit provides warmth and most fridges have an evaporation tray adjacent the sealed unit (water source). This provides an ideal habitat for cockroaches
  • Cleaning breadcrumbs from the toaster before placing it back in the cupboard

What the homeowner or tenant should do prior to us arriving

  • Remove items from Kitchen cupboards so we can gain proper access
  • Vacuum carpets, (especially if you have a flea problem)
  • Remove stored goods away from skirting boards, including items in wardrobes


What Coffs Pest Control Services can do

The treatment that we provide will firstly take into consideration the safety of the tenants and their pets. For example, If we find a tenant that has a small child, and has pets such as  birds or fish, then the treatment that we do will be different that if we have access to a vacant premises.

In other words we use safer, less toxic chemicals when people and pets are around compared to stronger, more residual chemicals when there is no one around.

We therefore achieve a better result when we can use stronger chemicals or when people are willing to vacate the premises and not re-enter for 4 hrs.

Generally, we service the roof void with a residual powder application, we service the kitchen cupboards with gel baits, we use a flushing agent to get the cockroaches to come out from cracks and crevices and we use a liquid emulsion to treat skirting boards and spot treat severe populations.

For large infestations of german cockroaches and fleas a second follow up treatment to eliminate the new hatchings is essential.

We cannot guarantee our treatment if

  1. People and animals are not prepared to vacate for min 4 hrs and we are forced to use lower strength chemicals
  2. Hygiene is poor
  3. Preparation work is not done by the home owner as detailed above.
  4. The tenant advises us that only a part of the dwelling is to be treated.
  5. Second visit to control german cockroaches or fleas is not done.

 Please work with us to achieve the best possible result 1st time.



There are many types of ants in Australia. Some of the more common ones on the Coffs Coast are

Black House Ant

These ants scavenge in kitchens, garbage and also dog excrement, therefore potentially spreading diseases such as salmonella.

Coastal Brown Ant

These ants nest in soil around the house including gardens and walls. They will excavate leaving mounds along foot paths and other areas that are unsightly. Will be attracted to foods around the property including meat, sweets, fruit and greasy foods.

Pavement Ant

These ants feed on almost anything that humans eat, and also pet food. They nesting - in lawns or under stones, wood, or boards. They build mounds along sidewalks, baseboards, and near foundations in clusters. Colonies are often found near water. The treatment for ants depends on the species as some are sugar feeders and some are meat feeders.

Treatment Types

Ant treatments can be on a small scale, such as eradicating a small colony in a pantry or it can be on a large scale such as treatment to lawns and gardens. We generally need to do a site inspection to determine the species of ant, the specific type of treatment required and the extent of the work.


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